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Re-labeling / De-labeling

Brand your product with a custom label

Nothing sets your products apart as well as having your own custom label. We can put your labels in before or after printing depending on your specific needs. Typical options include replacing the neck label, adding a hem label, adding a sleeve label, or removing all labels. We can do just about anything so please call with specific questions.

Relabeling minimum is 72 pieces.

Garments must be purchased from The Apparel Source.

We do not manufacture labels. Our recommended label vendor is Distinctive Designs 21.

Often, the care label that came with the shirt can be reused. If this is not desirable, you can provide your own care labels, or we will provide a generic one at no additional charge (see picture below).

Care label includes:

  • size
  • country of origin
  • fabric content
  • washing instructions